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Who Are We?

Give Back to the Source is an initiative by the team of CACAO SOURCE.

After 3 years of working with cacao farmers for production and women collective’s for processing, Cacao Source found a gap between the value of in the market and the one coming back to the local community accross the cocoa industry.

Give Back to the Source is our way of honoring the land and people involved in growing, harvesting, and processing the best agricultural products, particularly cacao. We stand for the rights of the local community and the environment that is directly affected by the agriculture industry in Guatemala and the world.



A future where all actor’s values including farming communities, marginalized women, and the environment, are accounted for and respected. 

Create a diverse farming culture and local eco-friendly production led by women for financial and ecological resilience in the rural area of Guatemala. 

Why we do what we do

Guatemala is Central America’s biggest economy while having the highest inequality rate. The country has over 50% of the population inactive in the rural area. 50% of the nation’s forests have been deforested which results in soil erosion. Give Back to the Source is an answer to the social and environmental challenges of Guatemala while advocating for a sustainable cacao market. We believe that the disconnection between the consumers and the farmers is one of the key causes that the general population accepts what is happening in the rural area exploited by larger corporations.

Cacao Source team

With Give Back to the Source, we plan to dive right into the middle of the problem and work with indigenous small-scale farmers or land owners that aren’t yet necessary to farming using cacao as a core actor of change for an agroforestry model and livelihood development. 

The goal of the agroforestry system is to diversify the economy in order for indigenous communities to become more resilient to market fluctuation and regenerate or protect the soil from chemical use for a healthier diet, the health of farmers, and the environment. We aim to optimize the utilization of the land to extract as much value as possible while staying in harmony with nature. This may include cacao production, coffee, bananas, mangos, herbs, cardamon, vanilla, bamboo, and honey. 

With the community, we aim to develop skill capacity building for added-value products so women from farming communities can also participate in the economy. Within that process community input and participation is very important. For example, we can have a variety of women’s collectives who work together while kids may be around playing. These collectives can process cacao but as well, make bamboo furniture, dry fruits, roast coffee, package honey, create artisanal textiles, and much more. 

Women being part of the economy brings more abundance back to the community, income in the caring hands of children, a sense of empowerment and independence for women, and opportunities for a better future. By encouraging small-scale organic farming, we are decentralizing food production and the economy into the hands of the population, we are caring for the environment and we are strengthening incomes for farmers. 

The choice of using cacao allows to bring value back to a centerpiece of Mayan civilization’s traditions and it opens a door for families to reconnect with their roots while being proud of it.  It gives access to quality super nutritious food to the local community and reintegrates cultivation that has always been around. 

We see Guatemala as the future land of the best quality cacao around the world that has brought prosperity to the indigenous farmer.

The team

We are a team of local and international change-makers. Our local team provides groundwork coherent with the current needs of Guatemala’s rural community while our international team works to bridge the gap between consumers and farming communities. 

Laurence, founder of Give Back to the Source

Laurence Tremblay

Founder & Director
Co-founder at Cacao Source and Ecoducation, Laurence has 8+ years of experience in business development and social enterprise.

Chanelle, international relationship Give Before to the Source

Chanelle Leclerc

Project Management & Public Realtion
Chanelle studied international business and has worked in a variety of international NGOs. ,

Vivi, administrator of Give Back to the Source


Administration & Social Worker
Debora is a social worker with 5+ years experience in the NGO setting.

Elisa, president of Give Back to the Source board

Elisa De La Roca

President of Board
Elisa is director of design & architect at CASSA. She has been working with social and community project for over a decade and is a strong advocate for sustainable practices.

Jojo sharing in an event

Jordan de bellescize

Cacao Production Trainer
Jordan is co-founder of Cacao Source and support the skill development of over 50 women & farmers in the feild of cacao.

Dorothy raising cacao drink in the air

Dorothy Farrell

Marketing Management
Dorothy is co-founder at Cacao Source and ecologist.Passionnate about content creation, especially linked to ecology.

The founder